Data Cabling

CAT5e/CAT6 DATA Cabling

Structured data cabling is becoming one of the most sought-after installations throughout the networking business as this not only allows full network connectivity 24 hours a day, it is also highly cost-effective as the latest infrastructure can last a business a lifetime. Effectively these cabling infrastructures act as the glue between PC networks, Telecommunication sets and other internet-based devices used every day in business.

Here at Webpoint Solutions, we can match the exact needs of your business’ requirements by offering a range of the latest data communication wiring systems. These include Category 5E and Category 6 installations which are two of the most popular networking structures. Other solutions are available such as fibre optic cabling which is a versatile option to the types of installations mentioned above.

Whether you’re moving location or enhancing your business’ needs, Webpoint Solutions can design, implement and install exactly what your business is after. We will aid the work of any future development by making sure your structure is able to cover any data or telecommunication application, using ECS-certified patch panels and cable management works to ensure your new data network can help your business reach its full potential.

Once installed we can offer Maintenance packages to cover any queries or changes that your business may require to fulfil your business requirements.

Some projects our Webpoint Team have worked on recently:

Full data cable and wireless network installed - student accommodation wirral
Hamilton Hub Student Accommodation, Wirral

Over 200 modern apartments fully data cabled and wireless network installed by our team.


Data Cabling Wirral

Full data cable infrastructure installed along with full wireless network setup
Kings Mill Dock Apartments, Liverpool

204 luxury city centre living apartments. Full cabling infrastructure installed along with full wireless network setup.


Data Cabling Liverpool

Wired and wireless network setup - student accommodation liverpool
Islington Plaza, Liverpool

En-Suite rooms for student accommodation fully wired and wireless network setup by our team.

What is Category 5E and Category 6 cabling, Fibre Optical cabling and what is the difference?

Category 5E and Category 6 cables are very similar types of cable, CAT5e (for short) is a type of cabling infrastructure used for ethernet connections up to a speed of 100 MHz and can be used up to a 100-metre radius.

Category 6 has a very parallel job to CAT5e; however this type of cable is thicker than CAT5e, this aids to offer lower crossover talk and is more suited to handle faster connection speeds up to 10 Gb, still within a 100-metre radius.

Fibre optical cabling is a cable consisting of multiple flexible fibres which are aided by a glass core throughout. These pick up light signals and create an environment with very little loss of signal strength. However, understandably this type of high-end installation can come at more of a cost than CAT5e and Cat6 installations.

The main difference between these types of cables is the speeds that each cable can carry. At Webpoint Solutions, our team will sit down with you and discuss what’s not only best for your business but most definitely what is the most cost-effective installation for your company in the long term.

Aruba 215x
Avast Business 215x
AWS 215x
Cisco 215x
Cloudflare 215x
Datto 215x
DrayTek 215x
Microsoft 215x
Sumitomo Electric 215x
Trend Networks 215x
Watchguard 215x
Ubiquiti 215x

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