Mesh Wifi System

What is a Mesh WIFI System?

A mesh wifi system is multiple wireless devices, such as Wi-Fi routers, that work together as a single network, so that there is more than one source of connectivity around your business or space – instead of just a single router.


In a traditional Wi-Fi network, your phone or laptop is connected to a single router, and all communication passes through it. The further you are from the router, the weaker the signal gets. Building walls, furniture and even trees outside work as obstructions and impact the wireless signals throughout your business property.


With mesh wifi systems, you have multiple connectivity points in and around your business so you’re never far from a strong signal.

Mesh wifi network - What is a Mesh WIFI System
Mesh wifi system - Benefits of a mesh wifi network
Benefits of a Mesh Wifi Network
  • Flexible: Additional points can be added to get better coverage in hard-to-cover areas like hallways and near walls for outdoor coverage.


  • Smart: In a wireless mesh network, if one point goes down, communication is simply rerouted through another point. Note: This will not include your primary (main) router or modem.


  • Fast: Since all of the points are connected to each other, data can take several paths toward its destination⁠ and it will always choose the best route from Point A to Point B.


Although this works great for Holiday & Caravan Parks, if your business suffers from weak or incomplete Wifi coverage, dead zones, or limited connection, get in touch with us today to find out how we can keep your guests or customers connected with a seamless WIFI connection in the most efficient and affordable way.


Get in touch with us today for more info on how we can assist you with a professional Mesh WIFI System for your business.


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Our Wifi Services Include

At Webpoint, we can design, build and fully manage your WiFi network from the ground up adhering to your specific business requirements. Some of the services we can offer.

Multiple networks

Guest networks

Time-limited access codes

Individual user access rights

BYOD access

Time-limited payment system

Site-to-site wireless bridges

Multiple room installs

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