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Hosted Servers

Hosted Servers

Virtualised Servers and Infrastructure from WebPoint ICT

 The ‘Cloud’ is full of new and amazing technologies that can both save you money and improve your business efficiency.  Many businesses are unaware of the benefits that cloud computing can offer. In the form of server and infrastructure hosting.  Many small and mid-sized businesses can see benefits from adopting WebPoint ICT’s hosted solutions into their company’s computing architecture In the form of server and infrastructure hosting

At WebPoint ICT, we deliver solutions.  Some of the benefits that hosting your server and other critical computing in our data centre include:

No hardware to maintain

Reduced costs in utilities

No large equipment purchases

WebPoint ICT Professional support

By choosing WebPoint to host your company infrastructure, you are ensuring your company receives high levels of reliability and stability, while minimizing downtime. We ensure that your data is redundantly backed up, with integrated antivirus and security protections that keep your computing infrastructure safe.

Hosted Desktop Computing

Virtualised Desktop Computing from WebPoint ICT

We design and deliver a cloud-based computing platform specifically for your business.  Today’s working practises rely heavily on the ability to work from different location and on any device connected to the internet.  Here at WebPoint ICT, we provide the hardware in our data centre, so you don’t have to.  Our Cloud Desktop Virtual Environment allows for real time updates of business critical applications to all machines, reducing downtime and IT engineer costs.  You have complete control over your data sets.  Users are able to read and amend but not delete.  This protects your company from potential data loss from with mistakes or malicious activities.

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Guaranteed Service – 24/7 System Monitoring

Computer and Server outages can happen at any time.  How much revenue or staff wages are lost when your network is ‘offline’, even for a short period?  Our monthly service plans pay for themselves in guaranteeing system uptime and the availability of resources to your staff.  With our 24/7 monitoring systems, we can identify and resolve networking and hardware issues before they can cause serious downtime to your business.

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