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Leased Line Solutions

At WebPoint we can source Ethernet and Fibre connectivity from any of the UK’s major network operators. Our Dedicated Services offer reliable and guaranteed high connectivity speeds via the Next Generation Network (Multi-Service Platform).  This can be for direct communication between two or more locations in a point-to-point or point-to-multi-point network infrastructure

Ethernet and EFM

(Ethernet First Mile) services are perfect for businesses that require consistently high connectivity speeds and have a high demand for uploads and downloads. Ethernet is now the connectivity service of choice for corporate businesses and public sector organisations that need high performance, flexibility and value for money. If you are looking to future-proof your business then these services are for you.

Internet For Business - Leased Line Solutions

Internet for business - No upfront costs

Our pricing model makes sure that there is no capital outlay on either a 3 or 5-year contract term. Our Leased Line Ethernet products are perfectly suited for any size of organisation looking for fast and reliable connectivity. Over recent years, Ethernet Leased Lines prices are constantly being reduced, and the monthly rental cost of a dedicated primary Ethernet Leased Line connection is minimal when compared to the importance of business uptime and internet connectivity.

Reduced Installation Times

Our large portfolio of business partners allows us to choose the network that is closest to your premises and therefore on-net. Using an ‘on-net’ ethernet partner can heavily reduce lead times from the standard pool. Also, as a standard practice, our high speed business Ethernet products can be ordered and installed in as little as 20 business working days for FTTC Ethernet, 30 days for EFM and 60 days for Fibre Ethernet Leased Lines from the point of order.

Ethernet Security

Primary Business Ethernet Leased Lines are very secure because they are configured as a point-to-point service over the providing networks infrastructure. However, if you require a more secure and on-premise firewall to bring the service in your network;  We will be able to assist with this requirements.

HSRP Failover for Leased Lines and EFM Circuits

HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol) allows you to seamlessly switch between your Ethernet Leased Line and a failover FTTC connection.


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Internet For Business - Ethernet Security

Benefits Include

Reliable and secure

6-hour fault resolution

Quicker installation times

One-to-one contention ratio

Network managed routers and firewalls

Dedicated high speeds

Aruba 215x
Avast Business 215x
Cisco 215x
Cloudflare 215x
Cyber Essentials 215x
Cyber Essentials Plus 215x
DrayTek 215x
Trend Networks 215x
Watchguard 215x
Ubiquiti 215x

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Guaranteed Service – 24/7 System Monitoring

Computer and Server outages can happen at any time. How much revenue or staff wages are lost when your network is ‘offline’, even for a short period? Our monthly service plans pay for themselves in maintaining system uptime and the availability of resources to your staff. With our 24/7 monitoring systems, we can identify and resolve networking and hardware issues before they can cause serious downtime to your business.

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