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Offsite back up storage

Off Site DATA Backup

Can your business operate if you lost all the DATA ?

DATA Loss caused by hardware failure, Malware programs, corruption, or simply human error is an everyday occurrence.  The consequences of any of these events happening can cause serious damage to a business and the way in which it operates from day to day.  It is therefore essential that Servers are backed up nightly and all information is transferred to the cloud.

Belt and Braces methodology

Not only do WebPoint ICT ensure network image backup is completed daily, but we make sure that all your DATA is safe in the cloud.  What happens to your business if there is a fire or a water leak onsite?  Your backup drives are damaged and unreadable.  We can not recover your business from these archives.  Having your DATA stored off site in a secure DATA centre guarantees we can have you back up and running quickly.


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Guaranteed Service – 24/7 System Monitoring

Computer and Server outages can happen at any time.  How much revenue or staff wages are lost when your network is ‘offline’, even for a short period?  Our monthly service plans pay for themselves in guaranteeing system uptime and the availability of resources to your staff.  With our 24/7 monitoring systems, we can identify and resolve networking and hardware issues before they can cause serious downtime to your business.

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